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Best breakfast in Fort Walton Beach

Are you new to Fort Walton Beach area? Maybe you have lived here for some time and have just been looking for the best place to eat breakfast. Well, when looking for breakfast places there are a few things that most people are looking for. Not to mention cleanliness and a friendly wait staff. There are specific things that people look for when choosing a place to eat.

This list includes the top three things that most people look for in a good breakfast place.

  1. Is the food fresh
  2. Do they open early
  3. What is the cost

Fresh food

You want to make sure the location you are eating at actually has fresh produce. Do they purchase the best quality food or are they just getting the cheap stuff?

Open times

When it comes to breakfast most people want a restaurant that is open early. Especially for tourists who want to get a head start on their day, but also for locals who are the regulars, they are looking for places that are open early in the morning.

Price of the food

Cost always plays a factor when looking for that perfect place to eat. Most people do not want to spend a lot of money on the first meal of the day. They are looking for something filling, but not too heavy. This is the first meal of the day and unless they have a lot of money, if they spend too much on breakfast they will be thinking about that throughout the day if they felt they spent too much.

In all of the places we have looked at there is one place that is our favorite. This place has the best breakfast in Fort Walton Beach hands down! This place is Tommy Mattonies Coastal Cafe located on Eglin Parkway. They serve fresh quality food, that they are open early in the morning and their prices are within our budget and are very reasonable. Some of our favorite items are the sunshine special, the eggs and bacon or maybe an amazing Eggs Benedict. They also have amazing red velvet waffles.

Remember when you are looking for that perfect place for your first meal of the day make sure it meets all three of our recommendations and it will start your day off just right.